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If yes, There is a piece of good news for you, SDNO can provide you the best platform for Writing or Blogging if you are from the nutrition field or you have any interest in the nutrition field

Public Reviews

Ayesha Faisal

SDNO is providing a great platform for the students. They provide the best information through webinars or lectures. It really helped me to learn many new things regarding food and nutrition... May Allah bless you guys Ameen Keep going 😇😇

Dt. Ammima Binte Zakria

Assalam'o Alaikum every one! I'm a dietitian working with the reputable "Sehat Diet and Nutrition Organization- SDNO". This organization is working so hard and tremendously to assimilate the nutrition awareness around the globe and also providing a platform for the nutrition students to sharpen their skills by organizing best webinars. You should try to join their webinars to gain robustness information about your health👍🏻. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Khadija Ismail

SDNO is a platform where you can explore yourself to the new things regarding nutrition field 🤩 It's a place where you gain much knowledge through informative webinar's, courses, sessions and internships. Conducting and management team is so good and Sehat library is a wonderful program made by SDNO ✨ I'm really happy to be a part of SDNO 😊

Dn. Amna Abrar

I like ur sehat library and I really appreciate ur efforts. Sehat organization gives a very good platform to those who want to gain or update with new knowledge about their field .. Jazak Allah khair✨ May Allah bless ur all team members 🤲🏻

Humna Tahir

This organization works like a new hope for university we were bound to few topics like we were getting only limited information but the webinars arranged by SDNO included information about different topics including alot of new things to learn.A big thanks to SDNO for all the informative webinars,courses or internships they are arranging for the benefits of students.🌸🌸

M.Imran Khan

I am a nutritionist. And I like your organization SDNO and I really appreciate your work for our nutrition community.

Muhammad Shaharyar

SDNO is doing a great job to provide fruitful knowledge through sehat library ,webinars and internships to students which help the students in their study and professional life.

Hadia Sarfaraz

The webinar I had taken is "Hunger-free forever" and took Addressing Nutritional Deficiencies" course. They were immensely helpful and interesting that I wrote them down for future.

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